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12 year-old SAM PIO performed her new ORIGINAL single "I Need Your Love" LIVE in Hollywood on February 9, 2024. Written at the tender age of 7, Sam's lyrics beautifully capture the longing for love and the desire for a new life in Christ. It's a reminder that even in our most challenging moments, love has the power to uplift and guide us. And with Cheryl Porter's powerhouse vocals adding an extra layer of passion and emotion, this track truly bring Christ's message of love and hope alive!

LIVE in Hollywood

​"In the vibrant world of gospel music, there’s a rising star on the horizon. Sam, a passionate and soulful gospel singer-songwriter, is set to ignite hearts with her upcoming single, 'I Need Your Love,' releasing on February 9th. This track marks the second release from her highly anticipated album, 'Be Light.'"

Teen music insider


Hi...I am Sam Pio! 

I am a 12-year-old Christian Recording Artist, Worship Leader, and Evangelist.  


At four years old, I told my mom that I wanted to be baptized in the Jordon River and that I needed a huge stage to tell the world about Jesus and God's love. Finally, I was baptized at seven years old and never looked back.


I began my career as a baby model appearing in national print ads. I released my first EP and music videos at age six. By seven years old, I was starring in commercials, television series, and movies. 


Some of my favorite appearances are 3ABN Christian Broadcasting Network, ASI International World Conference, Wish Radio 107.5 FM, and Actors 2020. I booked a 26 television episode World Broadcasting TV Network as the youngest of 15 singers in a musical, based on the ten commandments. I also performed for the Amazon Prime special "It's Christmas All Over with the Goo Goo Dolls". Most recently I've released two albums with an original single, appeared in a 3ABN Christmas show, started my own radio show with KDAR 98.3 FM, and started my own company "Live for Jesus Ministry"!


I love writing uplifting songs and leading worship. I hope my music both inspires you to Let Your Light Shine and reminds you how much God loves you!


BE Blessed, BE Joyful, BE Light!

tune in to my new radio show

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listen to my
"He's alive

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