I Love To Perform!

I have a passion for the performing arts

I guess you could say that I was born for this purpose because it's all I want to do. Mom says that my first words came out as a song. By age two I was singing, making up my own songs, and if there was a stage in site...I found my way on it.


It's crazy to think that I booked my first national audition when I was just one year old with Oshkosh B’gosh. I guess I loved it because I wanted more. On my second audition, I booked internationally with Vertibaudet Fashion Kids. By five, I was booking commercials, short films, and even told my mom that I needed a huge stage with tens of thousands of people so that I could sing and tell them all about God’s love. 

I am so blessed that my parents support my love for singing. At age 6, I recorded my first cover CD to my favorite songs and even got to record my first music video. I am now performing all over the country and I am excited to be writing and working on original material.


I recently performed my first one hour show where I did 12 songs and 12 costume changes without ever leaving the stage. Watch the video!

I am repped by CESD LA, Karen Greer FL, and EMTA TX for acting and modeling. I love theatrical roles but my favorite thing is comedy and to make people laugh. I stay super busy training regularly in improv, scene study, and voiceover with Gray Studios, LA Acting Studios, and The Second City.  I also study voice with The Voice Studio LA and Children's Academy, and dance with Starlight Academy. 


Although I love performing, I also love my family, my pets, and just being a kid. My favorite days involve playdates with my friends, the park, visiting the local zoos, all things creative and fun, and all things pink!

I BElieve if you will BE yourself... YOU can BEcome anything YOU want!

So, let your light shine bright!

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